4 Ways Terrain Is Making Injections Safer

Injections are among the most common healthcare procedures worldwide; therefore, meeting minimum safety standards is vital to protect against avoidable transmission of disease or injury. Many organizations promote safe injection practices. Some of these include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Safe Injection Practices Coalition (SIPC), and the World Health Organization (WHO).


At Terrain, we support these measures and recognize that by providing physicians the necessary supplies, we can assure the safe and proper use of our injections. Here are just a few of their recommendations and how we address each one:

To endorse this, we provide one needle and one syringe for each drug included in every ReadySharp product. This is a quick and easy, yet essential addition to keep the patient safe

  • Manage the waste associated with dirty syringes and needles in a safe and appropriate way.

With each needle and syringe we provide, also comes a leak and puncture resistant sharps disposal for instant and secure removal of hazardous waste. This also reduces any dangers related to needle-stick injuries

  • Healthcare personnel should select the smallest vial necessary for their needs when making purchasing decisions and only use FDA-approved medicines.

Every drug contained within our injection sets are FDA approved. Each injection set is assembled at a FDA compliant facility. All drugs chosen for ReadySharp are the smallest vials available to consumers

  • Use and maintain aseptic technique during handling, storing, preparation and administration of injected medicines and injection equipment.

We pride ourselves on employing the necessary procedures and processes to Maintain Regulatory Standards Throughout The Supply Chain. Every treatment tray is sealed with a patented microbial film to prevent contamination and preserve integrity.

Your safety is our top priority. This is why, as seen above, we take each step to protect that safety. We will continually work to be ahead of the curve to ensure your overall health.

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