Next Evolution in Injection Treatment Arrives

Injection sets just became more convenient. We are proud to announce the release of ReadySharp injection sets, available for preorder on February 22, 2016.  Along with each enclosed FDA-approved drug comes a needle, syringe, and leak- and puncture-resistant sharps disposal.  Every tool you need for point-of-care treatment is at your fingertips.  Nitrile exam gloves, alcohol prep pads, povidone-iodine swabsticks, gauze, and an adhesive bandage are all sealed within a patented microbial film to prevent contamination. “We have developed an injection set that every physician can appreciate,” says James Maher, Chief Executive Officer and Founder.  “ReadySharp is a treatment that stresses convenience, but never sacrifices safety or quality.”

ReadySharp injection sets are assembled in an FDA-compliant, ISO-certified facility.  The finished products are stored in two state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled warehouses.  “We made it our mission to leave no stone unturned along the supply chain,” says Nick Nading, Vice President.  “Patient safety is always the top priority, even more so when prescription medicines are involved.”

With the initial launch of only four specific ReadySharp drug combinations, we are pleased to save you time and money.  Real market value was studied to determine the cost and reimbursement structures for each ReadySharp product. Logical rates accurately reflect the true price on each drug and non-drug component, which allows for consistent returns.

The unique, professionally designed logo is easily recognizable for clinics and distributors alike.  Created by engineers, ReadySharp packaging holds four treatment trays inside a dispenser box that looks great in your office. Cases of ReadySharp are sized perfectly for your bulk inventory.

Terrain Pharmaceuticals main focus is providing high quality and innovative specialty pharmaceutical products to physicians and pharmacies. We are a rapidly-growing cGMP, FDA, and CFR-compliant company located in beautiful Reno-Tahoe.  As an established FDA-approved drug manufacturer, we provide healthcare practitioners with unique products aimed at treating patients safely, effectively, and enabling them to return to productivity as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


Terrain Pharmaceuticals has put in countless hours to bring you the most preferred injection sets on the market. Once you try the ReadySharp brand of injection sets, traditional kits will be a thing of the past. Click HERE, to learn why ReadySharp is the ideal fit for your business, 

For more information, call 877-985-8377 or email for your ReadySharp™ pre-order today.