Satisfying the Safety Conscious Patient

Though the average patient isn’t too concerned with the specific contents of their medicine, there are those that prefer to be informed on the matter. The advent of the internet has made patients extra weary of their medical conditions. But when it comes to injection procedures, it is up to you, the clinicians, to assure the medications, their volumes, and the supplies being used are safe and effective.


The curious or safety-conscious patient is going to want to know more. What medications are you using? How much will you be injecting? Will it be uncomfortable? How long will it take? In essence, they want to know that you are making the best choices for them.

What to Consider When Choosing an Injection Set

There are many questions you should ask yourself when choosing an injection set for your patients and your clinic:

Safety—Are the trays resistant to leaks and punctures? Is disposal secure?

Quality—What quality standards does the manufacturer follow?

Convenience—Does the product design aid convenience in preparation and use?

Comprehensive—Does the set contain everything needed for a single-use treatment?

Consolidated—Does the set contain only what you need, or are there unnecessary drug combinations?

Scalable—Is the supply chain efficient, and can it always meet demand?

Simple—Is product-use easy to understand?

Marketable—Is the product presentable and easily recognizable?

Transparency—Does the cost and reimbursement structure make sense?

Ease—Is the product easy to order?

ReadySharp Injection Sets

Our ReadySharp injection kits provide the least volume of each drug available (e.g., lidocaine is 2mL rather than 5mL), so your patient only gets what is needed. In each set, we include a needle and syringe for each drug, as well as a Sharps Dart (for sharps disposal). We also include alcohol prep pads, adhesive bandages, a gauze sponge, a pair of nitrile exam gloves, and iodine swabsticks. All of this culminates in a more efficient process for you and a safer procedure for your patient.

The ReadySharp product line consists of two injection sets (ReadySharp-A and ReadySharp-K), both with a specific combination of ingredients. With these options, one is sure to fit your patient’s needs and your procedure processes:

Lidocaine HCL (1%, 2 mL)—both ReadySharp products

Marcaine® (0.5%, 10 mL)—both ReadySharp products

Kenalog®-40 (1 mL)—ReadySharp-K

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