Safety and Quality; Words We Live By

From production to injection, we promote safe practices and maintain regulatory standards. Meeting the minimum requirements is not enough for us. We strive to exceed them.



  • We provide one needle and one syringe for each drug we include in ReadySharp™, supporting the One & Only Campaign.
  • We only supply the smallest vials available in the market, discouraging the same vial being used on multiple people and preventing the spread of disease.
  • Our trays are sealed with a patented microbial film, adding another layer of protection for the patient.

Prior to the release of ReadySharp™, we reached out to experts in the field. We researched materials through the CDCSIPC, and WHO. We exploited every outlet to ensure our product was first in its class. We continue to do so each and every day.


We monitor each step during the entire process to preserve product integrity:

  • Manufacturing – assembly of ReadySharp™ takes place within a facility that is FDA Registered, CGMP Regulated, ISO Certified, and VAWD Accredited.
  • Storage – ReadySharp™ is stored in two temperature controlled warehouses. These sites follow the same standards listed above. The appropriate licenses allow us to ship anywhere in the continental United States.
  • Distribution – our product is strategically located in the West and Midwest. This allows for safe and cost-effective Next Day Shipping. Every shipment is tracked and records are kept on file.

Along with these strict requirements, we take great pride in stretching our quality efforts even further. We only procure FDA-approved drugs and superior non-drug components. Our product packaging is professionally designed. We spare no expense to provide you with the highest quality treatment set available.

We realize you have other injection treatment options. That is why we work hard to make ReadySharp™ the ideal choice for you and your patient. See for yourself what makes us better. Contact us below to place your order!

Phone: 877-985-TERRAIN