What Ingredients In ReadySharp™ Make Them Unique

We have given your patients the resources to learn more about injection safety and efficiency. Now we want to help them understand the drugs included in our  Readysharp™ brand.  If they have questions, we can help with the answers!


ReadySharp™-A is a treatment tray containing Lidocaine 1% and Marcaine® 0.5%.  Both drugs are listed as essential medicines by the World Health Organization.  These two local anesthetics make a solid foundation for any injection procedure.  They work by penetrating the tissues that surround the targeted nerve endings.  This blocks the pain impulses that are sent to the brain.

Lidocaine can be used for many medical procedures; most commonly to numb a specific area on the body.  What makes lidocaine great is its rapid onset after injection.  It starts working within 4 minutes and can last up to 3 hours.

Marcaine® is a popular anesthetic that serves several additional purposes, including analgesia.  The effects don’t act as quickly as lidocaine, but they can last up to 8 hours.  While lidocaine focuses more on numbing the afflicted area, Marcaine® provides the added bonus of powerful pain relief.

ReadySharp™-K combines lidocaine and Marcaine® with the corticosteroid, Kenalog®-40.  Corticosteroids relieve discomfort by reducing inflammation in soft tissue and joints.  One injection can produce an effect that lasts up to 3 weeks.  This can help treat chronic conditions such as arthritis, plantar fasciitis, sciatica and tendonitis.
When you buy ReadySharp, you and your patient both benefit.  You save time and money; they leave your office pain free.  We worked hard to make your injection choices easy.  Quality is never compromised, customer service is always available, and ordering is a breeze!  Contact us now and order today! Call 877.985.TERRAIN