Why Is Our Injection Kit So Convenient?

We wanted ReadySharp to be as convenient and easy as possible for your clinic.  Our team asked for advice from physicians in several fields before creating a product that stood out from the rest.  This allowed us to provide you with the most efficient experience you could expect from an injection treatment set.


Are you wasting precious time trying to track down the items needed for a procedure?  Let ReadySharp do the work for you!  Everything you need for an injection is under one roof, including the needles and syringes.  Minimal set-up means quicker procedures – and more patients each day.

No more lost time, only increased productivity.  Save your inventory for other procedures.  What you need is where you need it and when you need it with ReadySharp!


Our dedicated customer service staff makes it easier than ever to order an injection set.  Shortly after you place the order, you will receive confirmation and tracking information.  The next day, ReadySharpTM is at your door!

Our lines of communication are always open.  We welcome and appreciate your feedback, good or bad.  If you have any input on how to improve our product, please let us know!

Together, these two reasons let you focus on what matters most – helping patients.  We combine convenience and ease while stressing safety and quality.  From ordering to final treatment, you can count on ReadySharpTM!

Contact us today to see just how convenient and easy it really is!

Phone: 877-985-8377

Email: info@terrainrx.com