ReadySharp™-Comprehensive and Simple!

ReadySharp was built to be both comprehensive and simple at the same time.  We offer different drug combinations that allow you to treat a wide array of ailments.  The contents are cut and dry to provide your patients with a quick procedure.

ReadySharp gives you the choice of anesthetics or steroids.  These have a variety of uses, either together or separately.  You can treat pain in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, back, hip, knee, or ankle.  The entire process is streamlined for your efficiency.  We only include the basic components needed; syringe, needle, alcohol pads, swabsticks, and an adhesive bandage.  The drug options combined with those items leads to less prep time and quicker treatments.  Your patients are in and out the door, getting on with their day pain free.

Patient satisfaction is the name of the game.  The modern era of instant information availability has changed the way patients look at their medical visits.  There are now higher expectations and greater consequences.  Increasing patient loyalty means increased patient retention.  In the US, loss of a single patient could lead to $200,000 lost over the lifetime of your practice.

Patient satisfaction is the true measure of quality in healthcare.  We know that in order for your patients to trust you, you must first trust Terrain and ReadySharp.  Patient’s want an informed and efficient experience centered around them.  That is what ReadySharp is here to do. One of our goals is to supply you with the materials to better educate your patients.  This is what sets us apart from the rest.  When we work together, the patient reaps the ultimate benefit.  Contact us today to order ReadySharp!

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